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Manuka Honey Re-discoverd!

Manuka honey has significant value in a clinical setting where it can be used to beat superbugs and promote healing.

Leptospermum flowers and the bioactive fraction of MGO contained in the nectar of Manuka flowers are the key driving force behind the antibacterial effect of Manuka honey.

Bees' Product - Not only Honey

Honeybees provide a wide range of benefits to humans from honey, the well known but not the only of various bee products.

Beekeeping products includes also wax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, venom.  Most of these products can be consumed as the bees produce them. While there are different uses where bee products are an ingredient of another product.

Leverage Bee Products by R&D

Bee Products are the " Building Stones" of the novel and new pharmaceutical products. 

BeeDerma Brand is one of the unique brands in which the Manuka honey plays the main substance to produce series of products aim the dermatology aspects and skin disorders.

Can you Imagine 'Life without BEES'!

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Bee Products.. More than honey

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Australian Bee Products

Australia is the last inhabited continent on Earth that is free of the VARROA mite, which has crippled honey bees everywhere it has taken hold.

Our products are proudly made from healthy and high recognised HoneyBEES and native bees from Australia.

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